Budget: Time & Materials
Timeline: 8 mo.

Détente Wines

The word détente was coined during the Cold War, and refers to an easing of tension. Playing off this meaning, and even flipping it around, we collaborated with the owners of Paso Robles-based Détente Winery to build a brand around tension, espionage, and propaganda.

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What We Did

  • Brand Identity
  • Strategy
  • Package Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • Social
  • Email Marketing

NK Interactive used mystery, propaganda, and a limited color palette to inspire a gorilla marketing strategy for a young startup brand.

Wine tasting is a sensory experience and Détente’s labels and marketing material are an intentional extention of that. NK Interactive’s Julian, Co-owner of Détente, designed the labesl with hidden meanings that are meant to be held, examined, and discussed. Each wine’s personality is matched with different creative scenarios exploring espionage, redacted documents, codes, and tension.

The website build includes digital signal interference, text scrambling, and responsive typography in a minimal design system. The website experience was solved within a limited timeframe with maximum visual impact and usability. The design system was then extended into Détente’s social media depicting black and white photography, spot colors, and pops of texture.

“The idea of Détente was just an idea at first. It took us an ungodly amount of discussions and brainstorming to extract the essence of this budding brand. It felt like the brainstorm sessions lasted months while our execution happened in a matter of weeks. Taking that extra time to dive deep into a brand’s DNA just allows for greater creativity. We did this project right.”
Julian, NK Interactive
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